Engineering Unit

The company's engineering unit using experts with technical knowledge and having regard to the standard design, is capable of conducting such activities as follows.

Design and production of ball joint
Design and manufacture of production equipment and production lines
Design and construction of machinery and equipment for testing and control Swivel
Design and manufacture of molds
Design and production of Jig and Fixture
Design and development of new products according to customers' requirements
In this unit, the newest software used to design and build according to need.

Production Unit

The company has equipment production unit
We also produce personnel with the required training has the necessary expertise to produce parts with high quality. The company's production equipment is as follows.

Fully automatic assembly and test manufacturing line Swivel Europe
50 advanced CNC machines and Vertical CNC VMC construction of Europe
Fully automatic assembly and test manufacturing line Swivel Europe
Apparatus for machining Swivel (INDEX MACHINE) and copy milling machines and lathes NC Hub
Swivel for assembly and hydraulic machine
405 and 206 steering pump assembly line.
Electrostatic paint line and line chromate and Fsfatyng
Drilling machines, lathes and milling.
Rolling device types.
Quit Finder devices
For washing machine parts